Wowcher Electric Ride-on FAQ

November 03 2021 – Kurtis Gullick

Electric ride-ons can sometimes be a little confusing to assemble, but do not worry! We have a team of experts here to help diagnose the problem so your little one can get behind the wheel in no time!

Please note, electric ride-on cars are designed to be used on private, flat, and smooth surfaces and not to be used on grass, dirt or roads. Children must be supervised at all times when using the ride on cars.


There is no power to my ride-on!

Have you made sure the batteries are connected properly?

Please note;- sometimes there are plastic safety covers on the battery, please check these have been removed before attaching the wires.

Please ensure you charge your car overnight before the first use, and ensure the car is charged regularly, even if not being used. A full charge should be left in the battery at all times to ensure the longest battery life.

Batteries are consumables and are not covered by the 6 month warranty, if a battery does not work you need to report it within 14 days of delivery! 

My parental controls won’t work! 

Have you followed the “pairing the remote” instructions? The instructions should be on the box that the remote control is packaged in. If they are not, you may find them in the manual.

Missing a part?

Sometimes parts are stored tucked away in areas of the item to save space in the box. Please ensure to check underneath the car, inside the bonnet and under the seat before reporting a part missing.

If you are still stuck, please do not hesitate to ask us for help! You can email us for support at